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Welcome to NovaWelcome to Nova

Headquartered in Victoria, Nova has served the Beauty industry for over twenty five years and has never lost sight of the importance of extending our service far beyond the products we represent.

It's simple. We are dedicated to delivering the best, most educated and informed answers to your every need and question. Our goal is to provide you with the products and services you need to make your salon a success!

Introducing TRIND - for perfect nails and hands


We're now proud to be an Authorized Canadian Distributor of Trind products.

Trind Cosmetics is a Dutch company which develops unique products in the field of hand and nail care. Trind products are distinguished from other hand and nail care products, as they are based on the natural consistency of the nail, cuticle and hands. Trind products make the nails stronger and beautiful, without disturbing the structure of the nail while nourishing the cuticles and hands.